If you are currently suffering from an autoimmune disorder, I can definitely relate (see Meet Darla tab).   At times, you may have found yourself feeling powerless wondering why this has happened to you and eventually come to the conclusion that there are no real definitive helpful answers or support out there.  Other things you may hear are “there’s nothing we can do”, “it’s hereditary” or “it’s common after pregnancy”. 

You may have also experienced going to doctors who are not connecting the dots throughout the entire body as it relates to autoimmunity.  Many will tell you diet has nothing to do with addressing autoimmunity.  A doctor may or may not prescribe prescription drugs for temporary relief.  If you do get medication, you most likely will experience some negative side effects.  None of this helps to explain the underlying cause of the autoimmune disease and how to address it.  This is where I, as part of your overall support team, can help you get to the root of your immune system disorder.  The key element that will determine success is your desire and commitment to make any necessary lifestyle changes in order to allow optimal healing to occur.

As you are probably already aware, much of what we hear from various physicians, dieticians, and health care practitioners is untrue.  The majority of the research being done to find solutions to "cure" chronic illness is funded through the various pharmaceutical companies only focused on driving their bottom line.  Although emergency medicine is essential for saving lives in traumatic situations, when it comes to chronic illness there is room for improvement.  As a health coach, I work in a holistic manner allowing the best of both conventional medicine and alternative practices to work together in order to achieve optimal health.

The core of my programs are focused on eliminating food triggers, incorporating anti-inflammatory foods and herbs into the diet, reducing stress, and increasing an overall sense of health and well being.  The programs are structured in such a way that allows the body appropriate time needed to heal and make sustainable lifelong changes. We will work together in a collaborative way enabling you to achieve your health goals. I am committed to connecting with clients once every two weeks to ensure they have the appropriate tools necessary to make the recommended lifestyle changes sustainable for a lifetime of wellness.

In our initial consultation I will cover any health concerns, lifestyle choices, and your short and long term goals.  You can schedule a complimentary consultation with me today.

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