Certified Health coach, Darla Lilleberg, will be hosting a limited series of the highly popular 7-day fitness and yoga retreat in breath-taking Costa Rica. Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase your energy levels and confidence or are making a commitment to YOURSELF, this amazing opportunity is designed to help you relax and sync your mind, body and spirit and get you back in shape.

Increase Your Vitality, Relieve Stress, Improve Your Health, Increase Your Energy, Strengthen Your Body and Inspire Others By Your Example

TRIP DATES:   Private and executive corporate retreat bookings for different dates are available, please inquire for more information here.


  • All packages are based on two people occupancy
  • King Suite with en-suite bathroom - $3500 - 2 available
  • Junior Suite with private bathroom - $2500 - 3 available



  • 7 nights at the luxury 6500 sq ft ocean views villa
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegan option will be available) by Tropical Culinary Arts chef, Roger Morales
  • One hour daily group yoga (focusing on each of the chakras), meditation and breathing exercises (suitable for all levels) by an Ayurveda teacher, certified yoga instructor and personal trainer Victoria Martinez
  • One hour group personal training (suitable for all levels) by a certified personal trainer and health coach, Petro Martynyuk
  • One hour health assessment prior to arrival via Skype or phone
  • Four Autoimmune workshops with helpful handouts.
  • Waterfalls group tour
  • Assistance with booking additional activities and private sessions
  • Daily housekeeping (excluding Sundays)
  • Departure gift
  • Taxes


  • Panoramic view of the ocean from each room
  • Private infinity pool and heated whirlpool overlooking the ocean and rainforest
  • 5 bedrooms (each sleeps 1-2 people or a couple), 5 bathrooms, 6500 square feet
  • 2 king beds (King Suites), 3 queen/full size beds (Junior Suites)
  • Full gourmet kitchen, laundry room, and private garage
  • Open-plan living and dining areas
  • Furnished balconies with ocean views
  • Open-air lower living room, expansive patio, and outdoor fitness

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: shuttle service from/to the airport, rental car, local taxi, tours, 1 on 1 yoga and personal training, spa treatments, surfing, jungle tours, etc can be booked for an additional fee.



"Wow!  I just returned from the October 2014 Cost Rica Retreat with Petro and it was such a life changing experience for me! The opportunity to attend the retreat happened at the perfect time because after closing the current chapter on my life, the trip symbolized a new beginning for me. 

The retreat provided me a chance to truly “live” and hit the  “reset” button without the distractions and stress of every day life.  Being carefree allowed me to experience so many different activities that were far beyond my comfort zone.   I can’t think of any other place where you can have all your meals planned out (my special dietary needs were met 100%), participate in daily challenging workouts for all fitness levels, yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda workshops - all with perfect ocean views.  Petro also made sure we had free time left over each day to rest or do other fun things like horseback riding, ATVing, swimming and hiking.   I had an absolute blast!

Thanks to Petro and Victoria for being so attentive to my individual needs.  It was obvious they spent a lot of effort toward preparing for us because everything was so structured and well organized.  All I had to do for the entire week was focus on taking care of me, relaxing, re-centering myself, and connecting with amazing new friends and nature.   We were in the perfect environment for that with the privacy of the villa, sounds of nature, and breathtaking views of the ocean. 

I returned from the retreat with new tools and lifestyle changes that I have been able to quickly integrate in to my daily wellness regimen.  I also came away feeling a renewed sense of energy, confidence and full of clarity regarding the next phase of my personal/professional life.   I am extremely happy I went on the trip and I’m already looking forward to next time!" - Darla Lilleberg, 43, Charlotte, NC


"I attended the fitness retreat in Costa Rica with Petro in October, 2014. It was one of the best experiences in my lifetime. It was 7 days packed full of great workouts, healthy foods and amazing team building with the other attendees. If you are looking for a great vacation, a detox and an awesome experience, then I highly recommend this retreat." - Stephen Cooley, 48, Charlotte, NC


"Wow. What an incredible and intense week of detox, boot camp and yoga. There's no better place to get past your comfort zone than in the middle of the jungle with a bunch of new faces and two incredible personal trainers. It was an active reminder that, yes, I can be the type of guy who jumps off of cliffs into waterfalls - and I can be that guy whenever I choose, and whenever I make myself get out of my own damn way. This retreat really helped with that. Thank you so much Petro and Victoria and to the new friends that I made. I look forward to seeing everyone again, soon." - Nick Ponton, 29, NYC


"I have been a client of Petro's for about 6 months now and really enjoy working with him. He teaches you a holistic approach to health and fitness and provides specialized services targeted to an individual client's needs. He has helped me evaluate my nutrition regimen to identify foods that were not agreeable with my body, taught me healthy cooking techniques and worked with me to establish an exercise routine that would work for my fitness level and intense work/travel schedule.

I also did a Fitness and Yoga retreat with Petro in Costa Rica in August of 2013. It was my first health retreat and it was an absolutely amazing experience. It was very well organized, I met some great people (both locals and fellow retreaters) and learned tricks and techniques (deep breathing, yoga, stretching, meditation, cooking, smoothie making, suspension training, total body workouts) that became part of my daily life.  Also for me it was an ultimate (and much needed) opportunity to relax, reconnect with my inner self, calm my mind and rejuvenate my body. The setting was perfect for those purposes with the privacy of the villa, breathtaking views of the ocean, and the enchanting sounds of the rain-forest. Would absolutely do another one of those next year." - Anastasiya Purlo, New York, 31


"Never thought that a "retreat" style holiday would be my thing...but I went to Costa Rica last year, and boy was I wrong! Petro and Grace did an amazing job of awakening our curiosity and ambition; not once did it feel like a chore to get up and exercise...and I actually ended up not being able to wait for those sunset yoga sessions to begin. If you are looking for an extremely well-equipped trainer who still manages to make you feel good about doing something great for your body, look no further. Petro is your man. And there is something about getting up in the morning, hearing the monkeys and looking across your infinity pool into the horizon that contributes to the atmosphere. Definitely a different experience than my home gym:)" - Petar Perkovic, 32, Germany


"This is well overdue but needs to be told - what an awesome experience it was to join Petro and Grace last year at the Costa Rica Wellness and Fitness resort - everytime I do holidays of that kind I ask myself why, and really why, do I push myself through those - it's intensive in fitness gaining, intensive in shaking off bad habits, intensive in stretching yourself all the way to a healthier living but god, is it satisfying and I absolutely looooved every minute of it. Set in a beautiful location with fantastic views all over the pacific, surrounded by true wildlife that next to the packed schedule you can actually enjoy, I truly had an amazing time. However, dont discount the coaches itself, there couldnt be anyone better to put you patiently but determinantely onto the path of a better living through nutrition, yoga and a full fitness regime - I came back feeling revitalised, focused and energised coupled with an appreciation for my body and soul that has pushed me through the whole year - and a year on i not only cannot wait to do it again - I actually stayed true to that "start up"! :-) Petro is professional, fun to be around with and the perfect role model - inside and outside. loved it. Thank you - let's go again! you can count on me! :-)" - Mathieu Feurehahn, 32, London, UK


"I wish there were 10 stars! Petro has an amazing ability to dig deep and push his clients mentally and physically in an incredibly positive manner.  He sincerely listens and is willing to modify anything that you feel uncomfortable with.  I am also impressed with Petro's ability to work with a variety of fitness levels from beginner to advanced.  His knowledge of fitness and nutrition is something you don't want to miss out on!" - Jeneal Wiskerchen, 30, Scottsdale, AZ


“I was amazed by the location, venue, and service.  I am not a person who likes to travel too far from the comforts of a Ritz Carlton or the like, but this was an experience that could rival some of the top hotels in the world!  Poised beautifully atop of a mountain in the Costa Rican rain forest, this venue is oft the vacation retreat of some of America’s most prominent names and once experienced there is no confusion as to why they would want to visit with great regularity.  The brutal decisions of the day ranged from deciding what the chef should make for meals to whether we should sleep pool side or in the hammocks.  In the latter case one can expect late afternoon visits from exotic birds and butterflies, along with the occasional monkey swinging through to have a peak.  Whilst others in the group fanned our for day excursions, we chose to relax at the villa most of the time enjoying the peaceful quiet solitudes of the surroundings, along with the undisrupted  company of each other which is a luxury in its own right that we don’t often get to enjoy at home.  In the week, I was there I lost 7lbs through better eating habits and partaking in some of the personal training and boot camp activities with Petro, a number of lessons which I took back to reality to help me modify my normal routine and dietary habits to continue losing weight. All in all this was an amazing experience and I anxiously look forward to repeating it next year.” JSC, 40, Charlotte, North Carolina